OEM/ODM Laser Hair Growth Cap Services Manufacturer
OEM/ODM Laser Hair Growth Cap Services Manufacturer
OEM/ODM Laser Hair Growth Cap Services Manufacturer
OEM/ODM Laser Hair Growth Cap Services Manufacturer
OEM/ODM Laser Hair Growth Cap Services Manufacturer
OEM/ODM Laser Hair Growth Cap Services Manufacturer

OEM/ODM Laser Hair Growth Cap Services Manufacturer

Product Advantages:

1.Perfect irradiation range:Lamp beads are evenly arranged to perfectly wrap the whole head hair sac.Excellent optical power.

2. The safe use:Automatic overheat protection device to ensure that users will not overheat when using, to ensure comfortable experience;Automatic shutdown after 30 minutes.

3.Simple practical: The automatic treatment scheme is adopted, with human body infrared sensor real-time detection and timer, without any parameter adjustment or switch operation, simple and convenient operation.

4.Easy to clean: soft silicone layer, in line with human engineering design.(The ones used in the market are usually made of plastic or without any insulation)

Brief Description:


Low level laser hair caps can promote hair growth in androgenic alopecia patients. The light source is visible red light, and laser diode is used to generate a wavelength of 650nm. Soft laser is used to penetrate deep cells (hair roots and milk balls) under the scalp to provide cell division and ATP nutrient transfer. Accelerate the division of hair follicle cells, promote hair growth, increase hair follicle vitality, dilate blood vessels, promote blood circulation of hair follicle nutrition supply center, regulate endocrine, so as to promote hair growth in androgenic alopecia patients.


Detailed Specifications:

Model number GY-HGC1
Product name Red laser hair generator cap
LED quantity 108pcs/200pcs
Light sources 660nm
Light output power 15mw/ particle
Surface temperature Not exceeding 50℃ (ambient temperature is 40℃)
Temperature +5℃ ~ +40℃
Relative humidity 45% ~ 75%
Atmospheric pressure 700 hPa~1060 hPa
Materials Silicone film,Cotton cover cap
Power supply 5V 2A
Application Promote hair growth with androgenic alopecia
OEM detail Logo, PCB size, LED wavelength, function, materials, plug, etc
Production capacity 5000pcs/month

Standard Options:

Explosion chart:

Execution standard:

Product Registration Certificate No. : Xiangfang Note License 20212091451
Product technical requirement No. : Xiangfang Notes 2021209145
Electric laser generator According to GB 7247.1-2012 "Laser product safety part 1: Product classification and requirements" and GB 7247.13-2013 "laser product safety Part 13: Laser product classification and measurement" determine the electric laser generator for class 3R laser products

Quality control:

The rated output power of the laser should be checked annually by qualified technicians. If daily detection is required, a laser power meter with a measuring range of 40mW and measuring wavelength of 300nm ~ 1550nm certified by the metrological institution should be equipped for detection.


Q1. Would you send me a sample to check the quality before I order the bulk?
Sure. We would love to send you the sample before the formal order.

Q2. How often to use the laser cap and How long until I see results?
30 minutes per treatment, 3 times per week. Typically you will have noticeable improvement in 3 to 6 months.

Q3. Would you do OEM? May I have our brand / logo on the product?
Sure. We offer OEM and ODM as your request. We can make your logo on the product as your request. We also can design the box as you required.

Q4. What payment term do you accept?
Credit Card, Paypal, Bank transfer, Western Union.

Q5. What's your production time for the bulk?
Normally, we have stock, and can be sent in 1 day after payment. Thousands units or OEM caps need longer time, and can be ready in 30 working days.

How To Order?

1. When send inquiry, please advise your detailed requirements
2. According to your request, we will offer quotation and production time. If customer want to test samples, we can also send standard samples firstly.
3. Samples production before bulk order
4. Confirm PO/PI and payment
5. Mass production
6. Testing, packing and shipment
7. Assist customers to follow up the delivery status, after-sales follow-up

Quotation Guide :

In order to quote you the best price quickly. Please provide the following information:
1.Order quantity
2. Wavelength combination, LED quantities, dimension
3. Attached the drawing or logo file if customized
4. Any special packing or other function requirements


Start customizing your Red Light Therapy or LED Light Therapy.

Please send us an email or WhatsApp or contact us online, and we will reply to you within 2 hours


Please leave your message here and email us at sales@suyzekom.com if you have the file and we will get back to you with a prompt reply within 2 hours!

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