OEM / ODM Led Light Therapy Canopy Services
OEM / ODM Led Light Therapy Canopy Services
OEM / ODM Led Light Therapy Canopy Services
OEM / ODM Led Light Therapy Canopy Services
OEM / ODM Led Light Therapy Canopy Services

OEM / ODM Led Light Therapy Canopy Services

Function principle:

Movable full body red light therapy device, a variety of red and near-infrared combinations, covering the entire spectrum, better to provide different needs and applications. Fat loss, Skin beauty OR Muscle healing, Pain relief Widely used in beauty spa, fitness center, physiotherapy clinics

Product Features


1. Professional structure and appearance design, beautiful atmosphere; It can be adjusted by lifting up and down; It can adjustment power of red and infrared.
2. Environmental protection, safety and energy saving, 80% energy saving than traditional lamps and lanterns, without mercury and other heavy metals;
3. High light efficiency, 96% of electric energy is converted into light energy;
4. Revolutionary heat dissipation design, effectively alleviate internal heat circulation;
5. Adopt Taiwan Mingwei power supply, soft start protection, avoid instantaneous current impact and damage lamp beads;Modular design, easy assembly and quick maintenance;
7. High quality low noise fan, more conducive to the heat dissipation of lamps and lanterns;
8. Through the light distribution design of high-efficiency small-angle optical lens, the light utilization rate is higher and the light efficiency is better;
9. Under the condition of the same parameters of lamps, the irradiation value of lamps varies according to the different heights used;
10. Product LOGO can also be designed according to customer requirements, shell color: black, white, silver and other colors to choose;
11. Customers can choose different lamp bead ratio;
12. It is recommended to use a distance of 50-80cm and irradiation time of 15-30 minutes.


Production Model GY-CP1
Wavelength 660+850nm=1:1/customized 630,810,830,880,940, etc
LED Quantity 1200PCS
Power 1350W
Lens 60°
Optical Power 160-200mW/cm²
Power supply AC 100-240V
Function Skin problem, pain management, muscle healing,etc
Application scenario Hospitals, rehabilitation centers, clinics, home, fitness center
Package Two cartons: 51kg 133*95*22cm , 33kg 191*87*22cm
ODM/OEM Logo, packing, led wavelength, whole shell, PCB, etc
Feature Red infrared power adjustment, touch control, time adjustment, bluetooth music
Advantage high optical power, movable, electric lifting, good heat dissipation performance, good detail craft, etc


How to order?

1. When send inquiry, please advise your detailed requirements.
2. According to your request, we will offer quotation and production time. If customer want to test samples, we can also send samples firstly, we will offer quotation according to customer’s samples.
3. Samples production before bulk order.
4. Confirm PO/PI and payment.
5. Mass production.
6. Shipment.
7. Assist customers to follow up the delivery status, after-sales follow-up.

Quotation Guide :

In order to quote you the best price quickly. Please provide the following information:
1. Order quantity
2. Wavelength combination, LED quantities, dimension
3. Attached the drawing or picture if customized
4. Any special packing or other function requirements

Start customizing your Red Light Therapy or LED Light Therapy.

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