Photobiomodulation Therapy Helmet Services
Photobiomodulation Therapy Helmet Services
Photobiomodulation Therapy Helmet Services
Photobiomodulation Therapy Helmet Services
Photobiomodulation Therapy Helmet Services

Photobiomodulation Therapy Helmet Services

Product Advantages:

1.Four-layer flexible circuit board

2.Constant current circuit design, long lifetime

3.15W highly power

4.Random frequency adjust

5.4 intensity power

6.With convex lens on each led to make the light more focused

Brief Description:


The Brain Photobiomodulation Machine is a therapeutic instrument based on the principle of photobiomodulation. It has a good therapeutic effect on traumatic events (stroke, traumatic brain injury, and global ischemia), degenerative diseases (dementia, Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s), and psychiatric disorders (depression, anxiety, post traumatic stress disorder).


Detailed Specifications:

Product name 810nm infrared light NIR LED light therapy helmet
Led Quantity 256pcs
Color white/black
Irradiance 24 mW/cm2
Function Brain disease treatment
Power(total helmet) 15W
Power(one LED) 60 mW
Light wavelength 810nm
Frequency 1hz-20000hz
Time setting 1min-30min


1. How often does a person use the helmet?
For long-term chronic diseases, such as degenerative diseases, the recommended course of treatment is 3-6 months.
For short-term symptoms, such as concussion, migraine, depression, etc., the recommended course of treatment is 1-3 months.
According to the severity of the patient’s symptoms, use 4-6 times a week, 1-2 times a day. At the beginning of the treatment, it is recommended to give the patient a process of adaptation. About the power intensity and time, you can start from 25% , 12 minutes. Gradually increase the power intensity and time step by step. After a adapation period, can use 75-100% intensity for 24-30 minutes.

2. How long to set the timer?
The time is adjustable from 0-30mins

3.Are your infrared LEDs near infrared?
Our model is near infrared with 810nm.

4.Why do you use a mix of red LED and infrared LED? Why are they red?
We use 256pcs near infrared light for therapy. There are 4 pcs red led for instruction, to show you the device is working.
Sometimes the near infrared is hardly to be seen from eyes, so the red light just for instruction, not for therapy function.

5.Have you found that your machine is able to actually penetrate the brain?
Yes, we have got a lot of research to prove this thoery which 810nm light can penetrate the brian.

6.How deep have you seen your machines tested to penetrate through the brain?
The 810nm light can penetrate our skull and works on nerve cell, and there is Cytochrome C Oxidase inside the Mitochondria of the cell, to promote the cell viability.

7.What frequency?
The frequency is 1-20,000 Hz adjustable.


How To Order?

1. When send inquiry, please advise your detailed requirements
2. According to your request, we will offer quotation and production time. If customer want to test samples, we can also send standard samples firstly.
3. Samples production before bulk order
4. Confirm PO/PI and payment
5. Mass production
6. Testing, packing and shipment
7. Assist customers to follow up the delivery status, after-sales follow-up



Quotation Guide :

In order to quote you the best price quickly. Please provide the following information:
1.Order quantity
2.Wavelength combination, LED quantities, dimension
3.Attached the drawing or logo file if customized
4. Any special packing or other function requirements

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