Red Light Therapy Bed Services
Red Light Therapy Bed Services
Red Light Therapy Bed Services
Red Light Therapy Bed Services
Red Light Therapy Bed Services

Red Light Therapy Bed Services

Product Advantages:

1.Powerful LED with lens, 3W rated power, better light focusing higher irradiance optical power

2.One centimeter LED to skin, close and direct illumination structure

3.Power from 0-100% randomly adjust, frequency from 1-5000hz randomly adjust

4.Professional testing equipment(Thor labs optical meter, Megger meter, Tektronix oscilloscope)

5.High quality electronic component, stable electric system(Customized LED driver, Customized touch screen control panel, MeanWell power source, Balseal solid relay, High air flow silent fan)

Brief Description:


Red Light Therapy Bed use high power big LED diodes, to irradiate the whole body. With power/frequency adjustment functions, light energy can penetrate deeply into the cell. It can offer positive effects on cellular energy, multiple nervous systems and metabolic processes. Normally 660+850/810nm can be used for pain relief, muscle healing and bone repair. 635+850/940nm can be used for skin beauty and fat loss. 450 blue light can be used for sterilization, acne treatment.


Detailed Specifications:

Model number GY-W4L
LED quantity 3500PCS big LED/26400PCS small LED
Light sources 635+850nm/660+850nm/810 830 880 940 customized
Power supply 220V 15A
Real output power 3500W/2500W
Irradiance optical power 80-120mW/cm2
Total dose in 10min 48-72 J/cm2
LED type Powerful core with 60 degrees lens/small LED with 30 degrees lens
Function Power/frequency random adjustment
Control panel 7 inch touch screen
Materials Metal, ABS plastics
Dimension 190*85*90cm
Product net weight 120kg
Standard accessories LED bed unit*1, goggles*3
Advantage High irradiance optical power, separate wavelengths control functions, full body irradiance
OEM detail Logo, LED wavelengths combination, control functions, etc
Production capacity 100units/month


1. How fast can I get the bed after placing order?
Normally for standard options, 15-20 days production time. With customization details, 20-30 days. Shipping by air around 5-9 days, shipping by sea around 45-60 days.


2. In what field can this product be used?
Full body red light therapy can use at home/spa/salon/chiropractor clinic/health clinic. 635+850 for body fat loss/skin beauty, some use 660+850 for pain management.

3. What's the advantages of the frequency function/pulse light?
The nature of light is energy, frequency light can make the human body better absorption of light energy, to achieve better therapeutic effect.

4. How often can I use red light therapy?
For home use, you can use red light therapy every day, cause it is no side effect. For commercial use, normally 2-5 times per week.

5. How many sessions will show the results?
Depending on the users’ situation. Normally for 2-3 times using, the feeling of exhaustion disappeared, the physical strength recover, and the mood was pleasant. The body skin was slippery and tender when bathing that day, and the blood viscosity was reduced. For fat loss, normally need 1-3 months, some clients also combine with vibration exercise, diets, shock wave therapy, etc.


How To Move Forward?

We suggest clients to buy the 635+850 model for spa beauty use, while the 660+850 model for the clinic use. Powerful LED with lens and with frequency/power adjustment function for better results of red light therapy. We can help clients customize logo even for mini order.


For future customized orders with unique models development
1. Please advise your detailed requirements (Order quantity, size, shape, logo, LED, UI, control function, packaging material and so on)
2. According to your request, we will offer quotation and lead time
3. Samples production before bulk order
4. Confirm PO/PI and payment
5. Mass production
6. Testing, packing and shipment
7. Assist customers to follow up the delivery status, after-sales follow-up


Start customizing your Red Light Therapy or LED Light Therapy.

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