OEM Hydrogen Inhaler Machine factory in China

Sufficient certificate report
Excellent product R&D ability (machine internal parts{medical grade power supply}
External accessory{canular tube})
Stability of core component and general products

All Types Of Hydrogen Inhaler Machine

To Support Your Project And Business

Hydrogen Inhalation Machine Manufacturer

Multiple shape/air flow options
Mini order OEM ODM customization support
Additional eye/ear/rod accessory functions
Stable working temperature, stable hydrogen production
High quality electrolytic cell: platinum solid electrolyte, lridium(lr) catalyst coating, Dupont proton membrane

Portable Hydrogen Rich Water Bottle Manufacturer

GY-HC3000 Portable Hydrogen Rich Water Bottle
5000-6000ppb hydrogen content
Water proof magnetic charging port
High end aluminum alloy shell
230ml high pressure PC body design


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