Light Therapy Beds Manufacturer in China

Focus in the phototherapy medical healthcare field, with the ability to develop unique brand new models, providing one-stop LED laser product development solutions.
R&D team has more than 20 years of optical experience engineer, providing powerful technical support in research and practical experience.
A variety of phototherapy models are available, lead time of customized samples for 7 days, and regular orders 14 days delivery time


We designed the red light therapy bed to produce the most bioactive wavelengths known to man, 633nm, 660nm, 810nm, 830nm, and 940.
This is backed up by thousands of research papers confirming their effectiveness.
When you choose Suyzeko you also have the option to customize your bed with additional red, infrared, green and blue wavelengths per your requirements.

Powerfulintelligent control system

Independent wavelength control
Independent frequency control
Independent power control

High quality light bar

The bed is a whole, not a set of separate pieces.
Eachhigh-quality light bar is tightly arranged to ensurethat every inch of the body is illuminated evenly.
This is a highly effective treatment, requiring only15 minutes for a full body treatment.


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